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Digest: a comprehensive and systematic compilation
of information or material, often condensed.


My original motivation for developing this information and discovery resource was to attempt to assemble, in one place, a broad panorama of the players, problems, and issues affecting the world community.

I first began working on this during the winter and spring of 2000-2001. Very little of what I was reading about and listening to on certain radio stations concerning major and ongoing activities in the world at large was being given much attention in the corporate media. Once in awhile you might see a TV documentary or read an article in a magazine or national newspaper that shed light on an otherwise unknown and uncared for area of the world.

But on 9/11/01, the out there world came here. Afterwards, I realized that this personal research project had become relevant as a means towards a broader understanding of what's going on in the world.

Global Digest utilizes the nature, architecture, and mode of the WEB to consolidate the intertwining forces of world activity in a single location, presenting the main threads as a picture of the world taken as a whole.


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