600 million years ago

Land masses clustered around the poles as the supercontinent Pannotia, one consequence of the rifting of Rodinia, was beginning to break up; ice covered the entire planet, a condition referred to as Snowball Earth; and beneath the frozen sea, all life was dying out.

At this time, a mysterious object of unimaginable power appeared. Its immediate effect reached beyond the limits of Earth-spacetime. Like a pebble thrown into a still pond, ripples of reorientation spread throughout the cosmos, altering life's identity by catalyzing the creation of metabolic pathways and morphogenetic fields previously unavailable. As a result, life evolved and developed rapidly, all through the universe, increasing in complexity exponentially. In fact, had it not occurred, humans most likely would not have come into existence.

But that was not its purpose.


Background: The Cambrian Explosion