1. Essay on Animal Cruelty
    Simply stated, the purpose of this exercise is to raise awareness about the cruelty forced upon other animals by people. I use the verb force because, given the choice, I don't think any of them would volunteer.

  2. Essay On Cruelty
    When does abuse become cruelty? Is any abuse cruelty? Is cruelty to animals in the eyes and feelings of the beholder only, or can an objective criterion be ascertained that effectively and unequivocally specifies the essential ingredients constituting cruel treatment?

  3. Animal Cruelty -- Animal Testing
    I'm trying to help bring awareness of cruelty to and unnecessary experimentation on animals to the minds of everyone everywhere. It's unspeakable.

  4. Another Observation: Julian Barbour
    Julian Barbour, author of The End Of Time, is a moron. His so-called configuration space has been around for generations; it's a mathematical space, a phase space in physics -- abstractions.

  5. When Evolution Started Over
    Long, long ago, here, on planet Earth, completely alien life-forms thrived and lived according to a very different yet workable paradigm.

  6. Gene or Expression?
    What came first, the gene or its expression?

  7. The Pandemic Of Hypocrisy
    Something I needed to get off my chest.

  8. "The Terrorist Project"
    [June 28th, 05]

  9. Government as Social Identity
    Long ago, tribal leaders promoted both factionalism and group solidarity through the social realities of such things as territorial imperatives, hunting rights, material possessions and joint survival. This strategy partitioned the general populace into 'in' and 'out' groups. Of the 'in' groups there were those who understood the parameters of "world" business and commerce, and so came to be the deal makers within and between tribes.

  10. The Soliton Web
    The concept of the Soltion appears in many different guises. In a chaotic system, at the point of bifurcation, new components emerge and are revealed. If we think of each component as a separate whole unto itself, we obtain a complex dynamic structure, non-linear in nature, enjoying negative feedback, and geometrically modeling both a phase-state snapshot across scale (fractalized composition series [Group Theory]), and, taking a vertical slice, a model of continuous cooperative evolution.

  11. Pattern is Fundamental
    By pattern here I don't mean shape or form per se, but rather the end result of a dimensional leap from the collection and arrangement of categorical parts to a whole.

  12. Molecular Personality Research: Critique
    Recent findings in molecular biology indicate a "particular communications system in the brain between genes and personality." The research discovered that "people with a particular version of the gene [under study] score about ten percent higher for novelty-seeking on personality tests than people who lack that version."

  13. TIME
    How about if it were true that Life, in Its essence, had Its being in the same no-time zone environment that light enjoys? What then of It being primordially 'encased' in the four dimensions of spacetime that we, and all other living things, experience, taking on separate identities of expression and 'co-existing' in both no-time and time simultaneously? It's just a thought.

    Lately there seems to be a convergence of minds -- physicists and philosophers -- centered around the question of the validity of the time concept. Things are coming to a head.

  15. The Will to Special Status
    I was watching a movie called The One about a man who travels to one parallel universe after another killing alternative selves in order to capture their energy or soul or whatever with the end goal of concentrating their power in him and of being the only ONE of him in the multiverse -- a singular self.

  16. On Writing About Physics
    I made some comments on writing popularized physics in Blackboard I. Now, here I am, feeling absolutely compelled to do it again.