Reverie cob-webbed,
Then faded from view,
As did the snowflakes landing on my palm;
I closed the window and turned.

Clouds parted at the sound,
A gentle bow wake
Enfolding me in its tenderness
Like a plea from a mischievous child -
I poured.

Her tight silk dress,
- Blue flowers on pearly white -
Caressed her hip
As she reached for the glass.

The candle flickered,
- It couldn’t help it,
Regaining composure,
Deeply breathing -
It stood its ground.

Moonlight fell across the meadow,
Scattering shadows into timeless space,
Embracing the warm, dark-wood room
With cool, soft milkiness.

Glistening in repose,
Lips slightly parted,
Eyes black as young diamonds,
She took me with a glance.

Breathing ceased,
Branches scraped a window,
Leaves ruffled in a rush -
Then silence...,

Save her sip of wine,
Through perfect lips,
Touching, touching,
The glass, the wine.