The Disbanding of the Moss Halibut Gang

bold as brass they were,
the Moss Halibut Gang,
heads as solid as concrete

they took to sea in a green pea boat,
with a pussycat,
the owl stood watch,
with twisting neck

empty pockets urged the course,
sea and wind opposed their force,
grate and scrape one with the other,
wire-tight the Gang joined in

on that alone they faced the sea,
no worse than where they were,
better to fight perhaps to crash,
than fold and smolder at the lash

war ensued, they bore down,
up as well and always sideways,
the Plan unspoken, 'there is no Plan'
guided the Gang through the darkened byways

crck crck whrrr whrr curse and fire,
whorl crash pull bang pop splash,
salt from the spray from the sand in the blood,
the Gang and the pussycat went to sea

deed begun, step through the Glass,
dreams of camouflage and mazes,
affinity with the wild sea,
she met their edge, they set the stages

it was sunday-go-to-meetin' time
when the Gang pulled into town,
they needed fuel and ice and grub,
mirrors bright, Play done, key down

your self they see with a picture book,
so see your self as you wish them to,
step inside the plane of seeming,
step outside, friend, enjoy the view

The Gang pushed on, the sea forebore,
eccentric curves swirled in the lee,
who plays with whom in Nature's web?
the Gang and the pussycat went to sea

one last ride to tease and taunt,
mother of all won't abide a flaunt,
wind grey rain rock
makers of mazes puzzle the mock

closure in sight, the Gang smoothed in,
shards of nerves in a world of tin,
nothin's done 'till the gold is weighed
the deal was dealt but the cards not played

booty changed hands without respect,
art fell silent on ears of stone,
size and scope and depth of breed,
unrecognized by heads of bone

short-changed again or so they felt,
galled to sharpen wits to sense,
dinosaurs burn in the sun,
Moss Halibut returned past tense