Coordination Of Least Limit And Growth Epsilon


discs of still-born time on the surface floating
discontinuity mired in viscosity-inertia rings ankle deep
tangent to the plane each vector field lies dormant
radiating interfacial symmetries dove-tailing images of thought
orthogonal to the whole, not an end point of reality
spacetime reorientation slays the dragon
doubts fears wrestle attention from course at hand
to err to cause fieldage disintegration
slip forever into darkness, come tumbling down
grab hold
influences abounding energy loss for sake of time shell
outward flight inward passage search the intellect for naught
zero vector or tear in fabric?
sifting ashes parts will not reveal the whole
creativity lights the darkness
spontaneity leads the way
authenticity-gravity well-imminent shift
waves of fields in motion quantum this connect the dots
fine finer finest detail-intensify lattice purchase

here are the keys: see a cube in a point

presumption factor function lonely on seeds of separate longing
oblique attendants forfeit coordinated intrinsic beams
gradient geometrizes time rift within algebraic locus membrane
gravity field pressure resonance frequency phase out
what is clarity without the crystal?
local neighborhoods compact time displacement wells
rate of change mark zero-

translate cube into a sphere

consciousize surface mats-liquify-conserve potential
to smell.......to feel.......to bend will's stream
amplify nonlinear dreams, global symmetry reads clockwise
germs dry dust retain beginnings
regenerate enter space where time is not
sanctuary bric-a-brac sheds light where others tarry
throw a ninety-feel the life force
explode models baked in turpentine
linear vector dependence breeds nonlinear truth

here are the keys: drill a hole through the sphere

unconscious memories one-one Euclid's child
affine projection lends credence not redemption
topologize underworld-lay hands on quotient time
kernels empty save single perspication torsion free
a tear.......a hole.......a rip.......a seam
shadows fill spill out textures layered and nested
universe again and forth expose dimensions yet undreamed
throw a ninety-touch a petal's skin

here are the keys: point line plane cube-edges of infinity

primordial in disbelief brings songs of times and visions seen
permutate recalibrate close systems hold the light forthwith
the womb.......the cave.......the vector field
cover fear, block out the sun
fractal attractors homotopy identity is constant
disorder at the border, fairy tales by wise men
matrices of metric life transpose a differential view
whose scenery-where does it come?
whole is part is all awaken
throw a ninety in the cog heap

here are the keys: center fills the plane of seeming

uncoordinated drop