Animal Cruelty - Animal Testing
[WARNING: Pictures may be disturbing.]

U.S. Government testing facilities and a sampling of major links can be found on this page.
Global Digest has an extensive and comprehensive section on: Animal Cruelty -- Animal Testing.

The pigs on the left are in "gestation crates." The ones on the right are on a research farm
that rears pigs intensively. It includes sows in stalls and piglets in slatted floor pens.
All pigs are kept in completely barren pens.

Got Misery? Milk Does | Video - Pictures | Petition
Is your milk and cheese the product of blatant animal cruelty?

Tell Congress: Protect the whistleblowers who expose abuse in factory farms | Credo Action

Mercy for Animals Slams Tyson over Tortured Chickens | June 1, 2016

MFA's Undercover Investigations

"Bear bile has been used in traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. It contains high levels of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) known to be useful for treating liver and gall bladder conditions. However, there are now many readily available herbal and synthetic alternatives with the same medicinal properties."
Animals Asia

Is the end of 'house of horror' bear bile factories in sight?
April 9, 2015 - The Guardian

Folk Remedy Extracted From Captive Bears Stirs Furor in China
May 21, 2013 - The New York Times

End the Bear Bile Industry - World Animal Protection

Animals Asia | Our Work - The Issue

Five Things You Need To Know About Bear-Bile Farming
Recent News | Animals Asia Foundation
Bear bile replacement breakthrough in China | August 6, 2015
BREAKING NEWS: Vietnam agrees plan to close all bear bile farms | July 19, 2017
Meet the 17 bears you saved in 2017, and other highlights... | Video
Bear bile farming to be eradicated in Vietnam by 2020 | September 21, 2015

The 14 Worst ‘Festivals’ Still Taking Place Today | PETA
The Mexican Town That Bashes Piñatas Full of Live Animals
Mexican Festival of Death | Video
Barbaric Ritual in Citilcum, Yukatan, Mexico


Stop the Dog Meat Trade in Indonesia | Petition - November 2, 2017

End Yulin Festival - End the Dog Meat Trade - Sign Our Letter | AnimalsAsia
Cancel Annual Dog-Eating Festival In China |
End the Yulin Dog Meat Festival | The Petition Site

Chinese City Defends Dog Meat Festival, Despite Scorn
June 23, 2015 - New York Times

City Aims to Play Down Its Dog Meat Festival
June 17, 2014 - New York Times
"China does not have animal cruelty laws, and there is a history of
eating dog meat, particularly in far southern and northern regions."

Yulin Dog Meat Festival Provokes Global Fury
June 22, 2015 - Humane Society of the U.S.

Yulin Update 22.06.15 | Animals Asia Foundation

Secret cameras capture preparations for China's barbaric annual meat festival as tensions
mount between traders and animal rights' groups ahead of tomorrow's official launch

June 21, 2015 - The Daily Mail

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600 Stray Cats Bolied Alive
May 26, 2015 - Blog -

USMARC: U.S. Meat Animal Research Center - USDA

U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit
January 19, 2015 - by Michael Moss - The New York Times
Outrage Over Government's Animal Experiments Leads To USDA Review
February 6, 2015 - by Allison Aubrey | NPR
USDA's Meat Animal Research Center: An American Horror Story
January 23, 2015 - by Mathew Bershadker (ASPCA President and CEO) - Huffington Post
Terrible Conditions Uncovered at US Animal Center
January 26, 2015 - Network for Animals

Government and Professional Resources | USDA
This page provides information on federal laws, and regulations that govern animals
used in research, testing, teaching, and exhibition. It also provides animal welfare
guidelines, policies and codes of practices from around the world.

Animal Testing and the Law | Animal Legal Defense Fund

NAVS: National Anti-Vivisection Society
Animals and Product Testing

NEAVS: New England Anti-Vivisection Society
NEAVS works nationally and internationally to replace the use of animals in research,
testing, and science education with scientifically superior and humane alternatives.
What is Vivisection?
What does "vivisection" mean? | FAQs
Animals in Research - Harm and Suffering

Retire Privately "Owned" Chimpanzees Now
Websites of four labs still holding chimpanzees at bottom of page.

Stop Breeding Dogs for Drug Testing and Vivisection | July 20, 2015 - Animal Petitions
"Dogs used in scientific experiments are forced to inhale toxic substances through masks,
are strapped in harnesses so that they can’t escape for drug injections, and force fed through tubes.
Popular substances tested on dogs include pharmaceutical drugs, weed killer, and industrial chemicals."

Stop Deadly and Cruel Experiments on Dogs
At a research lab at Texas A&M University, golden retrievers are bred
with painful muscular dystrophy and spend their lives being experimented on.

Disturbing Footage Shows A&M Dogs Used in Medical Research [UPDATED]
A Lab Dog's Painful Life: Thousands of Man's Best Friends Still Used for Research | Observer

Urge Texas A&M University to Close Dog Laboratories | PETA
Texas Animal Cruelty Laws

The University of Utah Must Stop Its Rogue Animal Experimenters | PETA
PETA has uncovered new documents showing that experimenters at the University of Utah flagrantly violated animal welfare laws—again.

Dogs Bred to Suffer and Waste Away in Labs | Campaign - PETA
You won't believe what's going on at some colleges in the US.
Behind the Locked Doors of U.S. and French Dog Laboratories | PETA

Dog Experiments at Wayne State University | Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Billboard Confronts Wayne State over Experiments on Dog Named Madonna

"Heart failure was artificially induced in Madonna by surgically implanting pacing wires in her heart
and forcing it to beat faster than normal. Experimenters implanted numerous devices into her body and
compelled her to exercise on a treadmill. Madonna was later killed."

Why the U.S. Won't Ban Cosmetics Animal Testing Anytime Soon | Fashionista

Fact Sheet: Cosmetic Testing | The Humane Society of the United States
"Examples (of cosmetics) include skin cream, perfume, lipstick, nail polish, eye and facial makeup,
shampoo, and hair color. Any ingredient used in a cosmetic also falls under this definition."

Creating a Cruelty-Free World - Ending Animal Testing for Cosmetics | HSI

Humane Cosmetics Act Reintroduced: Ask your rep for support! | June 23, 2015

H.R. 2858: Humane Cosmetics Act |
Prognosis: 3% chance of being enacted. There have been no votes related to this bill.

The Company for Cruelty? | Snopes

The Truth Abut China's New Animal Testing Laws

Animal Cruelty Worldwide
Animal Cruelty in Research Labs

Inside the Animal Labs | Gateway to Hell

Understanding Animal Research
"Understanding Animal Research aims to achieve broad understanding and acceptance of the
humane use of animals in biomedical research in the UK, to advance science and medicine.
The information provided by Understanding Animal Research is based on thorough
research and understanding of the facts, historical and scientific."

Animal Cruelty - Animal Testing | Vegan Peace

Animal Testing |

Aid Animals
Animal Experimentation

Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing

Revolution in Drug Testing Infographic | PCRM

Performing a GOOGLE Search on animal cruelty animal testing
will return countless website links on the subject.

PETA's Milestones | Pictures

Experiments on Animals Fail 90% of the Time. Why Are They Still Done?

In a Win for Animals, Federal Judge Declares Utah ‘Ag-Gag’ Law Unconstitutional | September 8, 2017

Geese Crushed, Suffocated at Canada Goose Down Supplier
A PETA eyewitness exposé reveals that Canada Goose’s down assurances are all wet.

Donkeys' Heads Bashed in With Sledgehammers, Throats Cut in China for Gelatin in Their Skin | Sign Petition

Bear Baiting Competitions: Fact Sheet | Humane Society of the United States
Expert Statements on the Cruelty of Bear Baiting Competitions
Investigation Documents Cruelty of Bear Baiting | Only In South Carolina - Video

South Carolina’s “Bear Baying”... | August 24, 2010 - WSPA

Bear Baiting | World Animal Protection

Bear Sanctuaries Around the World

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5 Worst States to be an Animal: Abuse Laws Lax
By Kim Thornton - 2/3/10 - NBC News

How can this be legal?

In live baiting, trainers trap piglets, kittens, bunnies and possums by the neck and get the greyhounds
to chase and eviscerate them. They call it "blooding" the dogs. Basically, they give the greyhounds
a taste of what it's like to kill and eat an animal so they will run faster during the race.

End Live Baiting in Greyhound Training - Sign Petition

Outlook is grim for mammals and birds as human population grows | June 19, 2013 - Science Daily
"There are an estimated 12 million species of plants and animals on earth, and the human
population exceeds 7 billion, with a gain of an estimated 214,000 people each day."

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Global Digest has an extensive and comprehensive section on: Animal Cruelty -- Animal Testing.